LA Knight Is Not Done With The Bloodline After Smackdown 11/10

At WWE Crown Jewel, LA Knight fell short in his bid for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, facing Roman Reigns in the main event. Despite seemingly having the match secured, Jimmy Uso intervened by placing Roman’s foot on the ropes after the BFT.

On the November 10 episode of WWE SmackDown, LA Knight expressed that he wouldn’t apologize for the loss, attributing it to Jimmy Uso’s interference. He declared his determination to continue pursuing the WWE Championship and asserted that he’s far from finished with the Bloodline and Roman Reigns until he secures the title.

During Knight’s speech, Grayson Waller interrupted, sparking banter between the two. The exchange included jokes about haircuts, basements, Waller’s interactions with children, and more.

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