The Undertaker Reveals: WWE Rings Experienced Increased Comfort as Vince McMahon Engaged in In-Ring Action

In a recent episode of his podcast, “Six Feet Under,” wrestling legend The Undertaker delved into the physical toll of the sport, specifically addressing the stiffness of wrestling rings.

Throughout his illustrious career, The Undertaker has endured numerous bumps, often likened to experiencing a car crash. In this podcast episode, he shed light on the challenging nature of wrestling rings, emphasizing the minimal cushioning they provide.

The Deadman acknowledged the lack of give in the ring, emphasizing the physically demanding aspect of the profession. However, he intriguingly noted a shift in the ring’s feel, attributing it to Vince McMahon’s personal experiences taking bumps. McMahon, the chairman of WWE, actively participated in in-ring action, potentially influencing alterations in the ring’s construction to offer a somewhat softer impact.

The Undertaker’s insights provide a unique perspective on the ever-evolving dynamics of professional wrestling and the considerations that impact the safety and experience of performers in the squared circle.

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