Backstage News On AEW & The Devil

Numerous questions surround the enigmatic figure in AEW and the masked individuals making appearances on the show. Addressing these mysteries, a recent Fightful show speculated on the potential identities behind the masks, raising questions about whether the eventual reveals would align with the initial plans. Multiple reliable sources have confirmed that the individuals under the masks are indeed those intended for the eventual reveal. Unlike past instances, such as Retribution in WWE, where the original mask wearers differed from the eventual reveals, AEW has managed to keep the identities well-guarded.

Contrary to speculation, sources suggest that the mysterious persona is not portrayed by CM Punk. Those in the know believe that if Punk were involved, it would be a substantial work to keep it under wraps. It is explicitly stated that CM Punk has not been the one behind the mask.

Moreover, dispelling recent speculations, information from inside the company indicates that Dr. Britt Baker DMD has not been one of the masked individuals. This clarification comes in response to comments made by Baker in recent interviews, confirming that her statements were not intended as a swerve, according to sources within the company.

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