Former WWE Star To Wrestle For The First Time Since 2020

Upon concluding their tenure with major wrestling promotions like AEW or WWE, not everyone opts to pursue a continued wrestling career. Some transition into alternative professions, while others choose to remain within the industry, taking on diverse roles such as announcers, producers, managers, or trainers.

Chris Hero, after finding success in ROH and WWE (2011-2013, 2016), eventually became a full-time producer for AEW earlier this year. Released in April 2020 due to budget cuts, Hero hasn’t competed in the ring since then. However, this Friday, he is set to face fellow former WWE star Timothy Thatcher in the main event of West Coast Pro Wrestling’s return to San Francisco, CA. Other featured matches include Bryan Keith vs. Alpha Zo, Kevin Blackwood vs. Jiah Jewell, and West Coast Pro Wrestling Champion Starboy Charlie vs. Chris Bey.

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