Ilja Dragunov to Defend NXT Championship Against Baron Corbin at NXT Deadline

In the upcoming NXT Deadline event scheduled for December 9, NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov is set to face Baron Corbin in a highly anticipated championship match. The rivalry between Dragunov and Corbin has been escalating in recent weeks, with Corbin targeting the NXT Champion and making his intentions clear.

The feud reached a boiling point during the main event of the November 14 episode of WWE NXT. A distraction from Dominik Mysterio allowed Corbin to defeat Wes Lee, and after the match, he continued his assault on Lee. This prompted Dragunov to make a dramatic entrance, confronting Corbin and engaging in a physical altercation. However, Corbin gained the upper hand and delivered his devastating finishing move, the End of Days, to the champion.

In the aftermath of the encounter, Dragunov, despite being downed, addressed Corbin with determination. He acknowledged that a grave mistake had been made and declared that Corbin would have to face the consequences. Dragunov then informed Corbin that he would be granted a shot at the NXT Championship, setting the stage for a title clash at NXT Deadline.

WWE subsequently confirmed the scheduled matchup, and fans can anticipate an intense showdown between Ilja Dragunov and Baron Corbin as they vie for the prestigious NXT Championship. Stay tuned for more updates and developments leading up to NXT Deadline on December 9.

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