NJPW New Young Lions to debut on World Tag League Tour

World Tag League will get underway on November 20 and 21 and so will the careers of two new Young Lions, who will make their debuts in the kickoffs to each event.

Oskar Leube is set to face off against Shoma Kato on November 20. Hailing from Osaka, Kato, standing at 173cm (Approx 5’7) and weighing 82 kg (Approx 180 lbs) , initially pursued baseball during his high school years. However, in his senior year, he made a transition to MMA and grappling, harboring aspirations of entering the world of professional wrestling. The 20-year-old gained popularity among audiences as he showcased his skills on “The Spirit,” a reality TV show produced by Kazuchika Okada that chronicled the journeys of Dojo hopefuls. Now, all eyes are on Kato as he aims to leave a lasting impact on NJPW fans in the days to come.

The next night features a match between Yuto Nakashima and Katsuya Murashima. Murashima, a 23-year-old with an extensive nine-year history in amateur wrestling, excelled during his college years in Ibaraki. He secured the title of regional champion in Eastern Japan at 86 and 92 kg and achieved second place at the national level. Now, the question arises: can he translate his success to a global stage in NJPW? The commencement of his journey unfolds on Tuesday, November 21.

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