SPOILER: New AEW Signing For Full Gear Leaked

Earlier this week, AEW President Tony Khan unveiled that a prominent wrestler, widely respected by AEW fans, would be joining the promotion full-time. The suspense surrounding the new signing reached a peak as speculation swirled, including names like Dolph Ziggler, Mustafa Ali, Shelton Benjamin, and others. However, potential hurdles exist due to their 90-day non-competes following WWE releases.

Mercedes Mone was also a rumored name, but her plans were disrupted by an injury earlier this year. In a significant revelation, Andrew Zarian shared on the Mat Men Podcast that he received information suggesting Will Ospreay would be the anticipated signing, marking a substantial acquisition for AEW, especially given Ospreay’s interest from WWE.

“I was told Will Ospreay,” Zarian stated.” That is a big deal. Huge deal because WWE was actively pursuing him. Will make the fans happy, wrestler of the year.”

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