Update On Shinsuke Nakamura Potentially Calling Out CM Punk During Promos

There’s a recent development concerning a WWE star that has sparked speculation about potential interactions with CM Punk.

As Survivor Series in Chicago approaches, fans are still intrigued by the possibility of CM Punk’s return to the company during the event.

Following WWE’s official announcement of Randy Orton as the last member of the babyface War Games team, attention has shifted to Shinsuke Nakamura among CM Punk enthusiasts.
In recent weeks, Nakamura has engaged in backstage segments with a mysterious person, mentioning that he’s been ‘waiting’ for them.
Combined with Nakamura delivering a GTS to Ricochet, rumors have circulated that he might be in contact with CM Punk, who is set to face Nakamura at Survivor Series.

According to Fightful Select (subscription required), inquiring about the context of Shinsuke’s callouts on the show has yielded responses from talent within the company who claim they haven’t been informed.

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