Two-Time WWE hall of famer Kevin Nash has revealed which top WWF star he wanted to join WCW while being a guest on the 83 Weeks Podcast.

Nash spoke about wanting the Undertaker to come to WCW and the interest in Shawn Michaels had in jumping ship.

“It was the fact that [Michaels] had gotten that top spot and he knew he would be in the mix for that top spot,” Nash mentioned. “Taker was the one that I was trying to get. I’m not saying [he would’ve come], I just told him, I said ‘Man, you’ve got to change up your gimmick. You got no bargaining power whatsoever as long as you stay in that Undertaker gimmick.’

“I’m not saying that made him turn into the American Badass, but I’m just saying that American Badass you can take pretty much anywhere you want to go. All of a sudden, they had to pay those guys money, if [WWE] wanted to keep them, they had to pay them money.”

Nash also spoke about knowing Michaels was going through a dark period and knowing he wouldn’t come on board at WCW.

“I remember one time you [Eric Bischoff] said something to us, you really respected the fact that we left [WWE],” Nash said. “Like it’s so much easier to stay, it’s difficult to leave. Especially because you’re in a top spot and you’re leaving.

“I think that when we left and [Shawn Michaels] watched the show, he could see that we were having fun. At that point, he was in a bad place, he was having some dark times. He got what he always wanted, which was the championship and then all of a sudden the company just couldn’t compete against what we were doing. When you’re the champion, all of a sudden it becomes a situation of oh, you just can’t draw, you’re not drawing. There’s no way he would’ve left just on that alone because his matches were fantastic.

“It’s so funny that in 1996 if you were to see a wrestling publication, I was the worst champion ever, I was the worst wrestler ever, I was the worst. Then you move forward 25 years and I’m a two-time Hall of Famer. History changes everything, it’s just like, oh now I’m not the complete shits? I’m just half the shits.”



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