Brian Cage says AEW have a plan for his return to TV

Brian Cage hasn’t been seen on AEW television since October of last year when he lost the FTW Championship to Ricky Starks.

Many believed that Cage would eventually leave AEW when his contract expired but to the surprise of many people AEW picked up his contract extension last month.

Appearing on the Going Broadway podcast Cage talked about plans for his return to AEW television.

“One of the big reasons I wanted to go to AEW was – and there’s multiple – but one of the big reasons was just as far as like, you know, someone who loves wrestling and wants to be able to perform and you know, be like an artist,” Cage explained. “You want to go out there and create some magic because there were so many amazing matches and so many amazing first-time matches in AEW. And you know, and that, a lot of those matches too, that I wanted I haven’t had. Like there’s still quite a few of them and that’s before they’ve added umpteenth more people on the roster.”

“So I mean having more people to work definitely is the problem to be able to get, you know spots and opportunities with said people. Because yeah, there’s a plethora of guys I’d like to work with. With that being said, yeah, I pitched different ideas. I know there was a couple of ideas that changed up towards the end, but yeah, I have, I’ve come up with a couple of different ideas and I know we’ve had, they’re different, you know, creative ideas that some, some are more detailed than others but, but I guess all I’ll say is it’s all supposed to culminate to this plan that’s underway.”

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Photo Credit: AEW

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