DDP doesn’t think “Stone Cold” Steve Austin needs to wrestle again

On the latest episode of the DDP Snake Pit Podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer DDP gave is thoughts on the rumours of a match between Kevin Owens & “Stone Cold” Steve Austin at Wrestlemania.

The former WCW World Champion doesn’t believe that Austin needs to wrestle again and would be surprised if it did happen.

“I would be totally surprised,” DDP admitted. “Just because I know him, you know? It’s not like he’s not done it all. You know, he had eight world titles, all different belts. The guy did everything you could ever dream of doing. He’s lived the dream on so many different levels. He’s a spokesperson for Tide. He does so many things and plus he’s got his shows going, you know what I mean?”

“Steve don’t need it. Could he go out there and give it a go? I’m sure if Vince paid him enough money he could go out and hit a stunner or two but he ain’t gonna go in there and do no match. Not that I see and I could be wrong, you know, but I would not want to see him do it again because he’s no kid anymore, you know? None of us are.”

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Photo Credit: WWE

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