Eric Bischoff Gives His Thoughts On MJF & AEW Situation

Eric Bischoff gave his thoughts on the ongoing MJF & AEW saga on his exclusive show this week.

You can see Bischoff’s comments below:

“I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Bischoff said. “I really, really don’t and I don’t wanna know. I just want to go for the ride and see where it ends up or if it ends up, you know? May go nowhere, it may just be a real thing and that’s the end of it and we’re off or it may just be one amazing story, but it’s a fun ride.”

“It’s the closest thing to Shakespeare that we have in modern society. A lot of people think Shakespeare is what you read on the page. It’s not, it’s what you see on the stage. Shakespeare never really wrote his play intending them to be read. Yes, they were collected and published and read to this day and that’s how most people are introduced to Shakespeare now, but Shakespeare, he wanted his plays put in front of a live audience, a raucous audience that would boo and hiss and pop when something crazy exciting would happen. It was sort of that live energy where the crowd didn’t know sometimes what was real, what wasn’t. ‘How could you do that Macbeth?’ They would be transported and that’s one of the interesting things about wrestling where with wrestling. What wrestling has over other forms of other entertainment is the ability to blend the scripted and the real.”

Photo Credit: AEW

Transcript: WrestlingInc

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