Kevin Nash Opens Up About His Final Match At TLC 2011 Against Triple H

Kevin Nash has opened up about his final match against Triple H at TLC 2011 on his latest episode of the Kliq This podcast.

The match was a unique Sledgehammer Ladder match.

“What do you mean ‘both don’t normally (have ladder matches)’ How about fucking never?! How about I’ve never done one in my life. I’ve got 17 knee operations, and he’s running the show and I get to talk to him for about eight minutes in the ring before the doors open. That was my last match. Everybody else gets to have a last match, that was mine. Fuck me,”

Nash also thought that the match didn’t require the use of a sledgehammer as an extra gimmick.

“Who gives a fuck about a sledgehammer? All I know is you got a fucking an 18-foot ladder. Guess what? Nobody wins until somebody goes off the motherfucker and I wasn’t going over,” Nash said.

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Author: Craig Smith 

Photo Credit: WWE

Published by One Stop Wrestling

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