Current AEW star Pentagon Jr, now known as Penta El Zero M, has been making waves in America during the past few years, quickly becoming a fan favourite despite his current heel persona.

As the man behind the Pentagón Jr. mask has never been unmasked in the ring, not much is known about his previous history, which is traditional in Lucha Libre. However, there have been several instances where his mask was been ripped off by his opponents and very nearly unveiling his face.

According to Pentagón Jr. he was trained by Skayde, making his debut in 2007 as “Zaius”, a masked character. He went on to win his first ever championship in 2009, defeating Mesalla to win the WCW Intercontinental Championship in a Luchas de Apuestas match (“bet match”), where Zaius put his mask on the line.


Still working as Zaius, the future Pentagón Jr. worked a dark match tryout for AAA on September 9, 2010, teaming with Pesadilla to defeat the team of Konami and Máscara Oriental. In 2011 he then began working for AAA on a more regular basis, using the name “Dark Dragon”, whilst at the same time working on the independent circuit as Zaius. He joined AAA’s mid-level rudo (the Mexican term for a heel) group La Milicia.

In December 2012, AAA abandoned the Dark Dragon character, and reintroduced him as Pentagón Jr. at their major year-end show Guerra de Titanes (“War of the Titans”).

Did you know that Pentagón Jr.’s catchphrase, Cero Miedo (Zero Fear) was created due to a legend? The name Pentagon was thought to be cursed, after several wrestlers who had previously held the name had experienced bad luck in their careers. Pentagon uses the catchphrase to show no fear to the curse.

2013 – 2015

By mid-2013 Octagón Jr. left AAA, which left Pentagón Jr. without any direction or story line. March 2014 saw Pentagón Jr. participate in an eight-man Lucha de Apuestas Domo de la Muerte (“Dome of Death” bet match) at AAA’s Rey de Reyes show, but he managed to escape the cage before the end, keeping his mask safe.

November 2014 saw Pentagón Jr. join the Los Perros del Mal (The Dogs of Evil) stable. In December of that year, Pentagón Jr. and his stablemate Joe Lider went on to win the AAA World Tag Championships, defeating Los Güeros del Cielo (Angelico and Jack Evans) and Myzteziz and Fenix in a three-way match. Unfortunately, they then lost the title back to Angelico and Evans at Heroes Inmortales IX.


In March 2016, Pentagón Jr. won the Rey de Rey de Reyes tournament, defeating La Parka and Villano IV. This victory built up Pentagon which culminated in him defeating champion Psycho Clown in July. However, August’s Triplemania XXIV saw Pentagón Jr. lose his championship to Johnny Mundo. Pentagón later went on to lose his rematch to Mundo in January 2017, and the following day, he announced that he no longer worked for AAA, reportedly stating that he felt restricted and held back by the company.

Pentagon Jr vs Johnny Mundo FULL MATCH


In August 2014, Pentagón was one of five wrestlers announced to star in Lucha Underground. Pentagón debuted on the third episode, where he was defeated by his real-life brother, Fénix, in a three-way match that also included Drago.

In 2015, a storyline started where Pentagón would break his opponent’s arms, with each broken arm being a sacrifice for an unknown master. June of that year saw Pentagon defeat Sexy Star in a submission match, after which Pentagon attempted to sacrifice Sexy Star but was stopped by commentator Vampiro. Pentagón then began attacking Vampiro, saying he would sacrifice him for his master. During Ulitma Lucha in August, Pentagón Jr. defeated Vampiro in a violent Cero Miedo match and after the match, Vampiro urged Pentagón to break Vampiro’s arm. Vampiro then revealed he was Pentagón Jr.’s master.

Pentagon vs Vampiro FULL MATCH

Lucha Underground season two premiered in January 2016, where Pentagón attacked the reigning Lucha Underground Champion, Mil Muertes. Pentagón broke Muertes’ arm, turning face in the process.

At Ultima Lucha Dos in 2016, Pentagón took on the name “Pentagón Dark” after “training” from Vampiro in an attempt to challenge Matanza Cueto again for the Lucha Underground Championship. Unfortunately, he failed to capture the title, and turned on Vampiro.

At Aztec Warfare III, Pentagón was attacked by Black Lotus along with The Black Lotus Triad. He then faced the Black Lotus triad members two weeks later in a gauntlet match, unfortunately losing the match and getting his arm broken by Black Lotus and El Dragon Azteca Jr in the process.

In June 2016 at Ultima Lucha Tres, Pentagón Dark defeated Son of Havoc in a Ladder Match and won the Gift of the Gods Championship. This then earned him a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship. Cashing in his shot the following day, he went on to defeat Prince Puma in a “Loser Must Retire” match and became the Lucha Underground Champion.

Pentagon Jr vs The Black Lotus Triad FULL MATCH


Pentagón Jr. debuted with Impact Wrestling on an “Impact Wrestling vs Lucha Underground” co-promoted event at WrestleCon 2018. It was then announced that Pentagón Jr. would face his brother Fénix in a single’s match at Impact’s Redemption Pay-Per-View. However, Alberto El Patron was then dismissed from the promotion, and so Pentagón Jr. and Fénix were announced as his main event replacement. This would be for the Impact World Championship. Pentagón Jr. went on to win the match, becoming the Impact World Champion. Pentagón Jr. successfully defended the championship the next day against Eli Drake and then Jimmy Jacobs, but then lost his championship to Austin Aries the following night.

Pentagon JR win Impact World Title HIGHLIGHTS

In June 2018, Pentagón Jr. headlined a special “One Night Only” show for Impact Wrestling called Zero Fear (named after his famous catchphrase). He later began feuding with Sami Callihan culminating in a “mask vs hair” match at IW’s Slammiversary PPV. Pentagón Jr defeated Callihan, and shaved Callihan’s hair.

In January 2019, Pentagón and Fénix defeated the LAX in Mexico to win the Impact World Tag Team Championships At Impact Wrestling Rebellion. They then later lost the titles back to LAX in a Full Metal Mayhem match.


The Young Bucks came to the ring during an independent show in Georgia, offering the Lucha Brothers an AEW contract. It was later revealed to the public that Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fénix had agreed to a non-exclusive deal with AEW, meaning they could still fulfill their obligations to Lucha Underground.

During the AEW Ticket Announcement in February 2019, The Young Bucks were leaving the stage as The Lucha Brothers music played, and we saw Pentagón Jr., and Fénix make their first appearance with All Elite Wrestling. Both teams faced off against each other, and then a brawl ensued, which ended up with Pentagón proceeding to package-piledrive Matt Jackson on the stage.

At the Double or Nothing PPV, the Lucha Bros lost their AAA World Tag Team titles to The Young Bucks. They later won back the titles in a rematch at Verano de Escandalo, which then led to a 6-man tag match at AEW Fyter Fest, where the Lucha Brothers teamed with Laredo Kid, losing against The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega.

In October 2019, AEW held a tournament to decide the first ever AEW World Tag Team Champions. The Lucha Brothers lost to SoCal Uncensored in the finals.

In recent weeks, Pentagon has joined forces with his brother Fenix, The Butcher and the Blade, and AEW newcomer Eddie Kingston in a new faction led by Kingston.

Now known in AEW as “Penta El Zero M”, Pentagon certainly has all the tools to become a future AEW world champion, but only time will tell. A recent loss to his brother Fenix during a number one contender tournament first round won’t help his case, but I’m still hopeful that Pentagon will hold world title gold in AEW some day.

Cero Miedo!




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