Billie Starkz Compares Intergender Wrestling To Rey Mysterio Vs The Big Show

During our EXCLUSIVE Interview with Billie Starkz, we asked Billie her thoughts on people who were not fans of intergender wrestling matches such as Jim Cornette.

You can see her full response below as she compared intergender wrestling to Rey Mysterio vs The Big Show

“it’s no different than Ray Mysterio wrestling the big show. I was like, anything is possible in wrestling and you should let all opportunities grow and blossom. Will every intergender match be the best match ever? No, because no match is going to be perfect. Everybody has their own opinions on wrestling and that’s okay. I was going to have my opinions on wrestling and what I enjoy and you’re going to completely like something different”

“I love backyard wrestling, and most people think I’m crazy for that. But it’s what I find entertaining. But I was like it’s all about what you find entertaining and I hope as a wrestler even an intergender match, you’re going to find my match entertaining because you like me as a performer?”

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You can watch our full EXCLUSIVE interview below:

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