Fan Backlash Leads To John Laurinaitis First Post WWE Appearance Being Cancelled

Fan backlash leads to John Laurinaitis first post WWE appearance being cancelled:

As you saw from our previous article about John Laurinaitis, the man also know as Johnny Ace was set to make his first post WWE appearance since he left the company in August 2022, which 24 hours later has now been cancelled. Laurinaitis was set to appear for Bobby Fulton’s Big Time Collectibles but huge negative fan response has forced Fulton to cancel.

Fulton shared this statement: “Yesterday we announced John Laurinaitis would be doing an appearance with Big Time Collectibles. Upon announcement we received only negative feedback. After much consideration we have decided to not work with him. We apologize to those that were offended by us working with him.”

Author: Alex Bakothanasis

Photo: WWE

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