Vince McMahon Is Planning WWE Return For Company Sale

Back in July the wrestling world became Coca Cola when you add mentos and exploded when Vince McMahon announced via Twitter that he was retiring from his position as Chariman of the company. Now in a shocking turn of events, Vince McMahon is looking to sell the WWE. 

The Wall Street Journal has reported this evening that Vince McMahon who still remains the primary stockholder of World Wrestling Entertainment, is “plotting” a return to power in order to sell the entire company. 

The article states the following, 

“Mr McMahon, who has majority voting power through his ownership of WWE’s class-B stock, has told the company that he is electing himself and two former co-presidents and directors, Michelle Wilson and George Barrios, to the board, the people said. The move to reinstate Mr McMahon, which the board previously rebuffed, and the others will require three current directors to vacate their positions” 

The article states that McMahon sent a letter to the board of directors detailing his desire to return to the company that he ran for over four decades so he could sell it.

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AUTHOR: Jai Timms

Photo Credit: WWE

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