Update On AEW Fight Forever Release Date

Reason Why AEW Fight Forever Doesn’t Have A Release Date:

Fans are still eagerly anticipating AEWs first video game, Fight Forever. However, fans are still stuck in limbo waiting for a release date.

The game was announced by AEW in November 2020, however there have been a few hoops to jump through for the game to be ready and this has led to a delay in the games development and eventual release date.

Fight Forever was initially expected to be released in September 2022 before the date was put back to November. Kenny Omega had hopes the game would be released in 2022, much like the fans, however the game was then put back again to February 2023 but this also looks like it will not be the case which has led to fans wandering why it’s been delayed so much.

Back in November, THQ Nordic and All Elite Wrestling released a new trailer for the video game the weekend of AEW Full Gear, which pegged the game with a Teen rating. The only issue with that, was that the game wasn’t officially rated Teen at the time of this announcement. The ESRB website has yet to list an official rating for AEW Fight Forever, this is due to the fact that previous versions of the game submitted to the ESRB did not get the desired result that All Elite Wrestling and THQ Nordic were hoping for.

Sources have said that the primary reason is the rating of the game being established. As per AEW on Tv, there is a lot of blood and gore on the game which has been preventing it from achieving a Teen rating which is inevitably delaying the release date.

To put a positive spin on this for fans, people close to the game are confident with where things are at the moment with the development of the game, as the game has been submitted to ESRB recently after a couple of back and forths between the two parties. ESRB didn’t detail specifically what the issues were, but they did say that people are confident that the issues are resolved.

With WWE 2k23 announced for March 17th of this year and Fight Forever being pushed back from February of this year, it appears Fight Forever may fall a lot further back into the year. The recent history of release dates suggests that the game will be released to coincide with an AEW PPV, the next one past February being Double Or Nothing which is usually around May time so maybe fans can expect something around then, however with all the delays and push backs, I wouldn’t bank on it.

Author: Alex Bakothanasis

Photo: AEW

Published by One Stop Wrestling

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