Tony Khan Reveals Interest in WWE Purchase Prior to UFC Merger Announcement

In a recent interview with Maggie and Perloff, AEW President Tony Khan confirmed his interest in acquiring WWE before the announcement of the company’s merger with UFC. While not delving into specifics, Khan expressed that he viewed the UFC merger as a positive development for the wrestling industry as a whole.

Khan stated, “I can’t speak to that except to say that I was interested. It will also be very interesting to see what happens with that sale. Certainly, in many ways, it’s a big positive to the pro wrestling business.”

Khan also highlighted the strong attendance and streaming numbers in the wrestling industry and emphasized the positive impact AEW has had in this resurgence. He noted, “I think the huge attendance numbers and TV and streaming numbers for pro wrestling and the great sales for AEW on pay-per-view and all the big merchandising numbers show that pro wrestling is really back as an industry in many major ways in 2023. AEW is a big part of the conversation. That’s all been really positive for us.”

Source: Tony Khan interview with Maggie and Perloff, h/t

Photo Credit: AEW

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