Leva Bates Parts Ways with AEW: A Closer Look at Her Departure

Leva Bates, who had been a part of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) for four years, has officially left the company.

Sources reveal that Bates’ contract situation was quite unusual, and she was taken by surprise upon hearing the news. Apparently, her contract had expired, and AEW did not engage in any discussions about renewing it. The news of the non-renewal was delivered through an email notification, leaving Bates to learn about her departure when concerned individuals reached out to her.

Initially joining AEW as a wrestler, Bates later transitioned into various backstage roles. In 2022, she became more active in the ring, with her most recent match taking place in February.

Upon learning about Bates’ departure, several individuals within AEW advocated for her to remain with the company. However, it remains unclear if there are any plans in motion to retain her services. Bates played a significant role in the AEW Heels group and was instrumental in organizing related events. Many individuals within the company praised her social media statement, as the circumstances surrounding her departure were less than ideal.

Source: Fightful Select & Fightful

Photo Credit: AEW

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