Eric Bischoff talks about tension with Tony Khan

Eric Bischoff talked comments from Tony Khan that had lead to some tension between the two them during the Ad Free Supershow Media Scrum this week. “What changed the discourse between Tony Khan and I was that Tony felt, whatever he felt was necessary to come out and say that ‘Dynamite is where WCW wasContinue reading “Eric Bischoff talks about tension with Tony Khan”

Is nostalgia only a cheap pop?

Author: Alfonso Siman We as humans are affected by nostalgia. It’s fun to reminisce about the past, the “good old days”, relive good memories and now more than never entertainment enterprises are realizing they can cash in on nostalgia. We see it in a multitude of ways: remakes and spin off of classic movies orContinue reading “Is nostalgia only a cheap pop?”

The top 5 Wrestlemania entrances of all time

Author: Michael Nunn It is Wrestlemania week and to help everyone get in the mood for the most ‘Stupendous’ two night Wrestlemania in history, I thought I would list my personal top 5 Wrestlemania entrances. There are a few names on this list that have had multiple entries, but I have decided to not nameContinue reading “The top 5 Wrestlemania entrances of all time”