Charlotte Flair Originally Planned To Win 2021 Royal Rumble match

The Royal Rumble match for years has been used to make new stars and push a story for wrestlemania or to make a big star an even bigger one by winning the 30 man or woman match. Back in 2021 the womens Royal Rumble match was won by current Raw womens champion, Bianca Belair.

However Chris Dunn a former WWE writer discussed with The Public Enemies Podcast Bianca Belairs rise to superstardom in 2021. Dunn started with the WWE back in 2016 and left in 2021.

Discussing Belairs controversial loss to Bayley when during a time that Belair was being obviously positioned as a top babyface. Dunn recalled how it didn’t at all seem like Bianca Belair was going to win the Rumble match and mentioned that the company were planning on having Charlotte win the Rumble match instead and spoke to Vince about both rumble matches not creating future stars.

“I was in a Tampa Hotel room and we were watching some sort of football game and an assistant had just left the Royal Rumble (2021) night-before meeting and they changed the finish and Charlotte [Flair] was going to go over and they rehearsed Charlotte going over and Bianca [Belair] was going to get eliminated like midway through the match and it got changed to Bianca going over and I think a lot of people voiced it but this guy, Ryan Ward, he’s been there for like 14 years, he was [John] Cena’s writer and probably, for my money, I think has had the biggest hand in the women’s revolution. He was lead writer in the golden days of NXT with Kevin [Owens] and Sami [Zayn] and The Four Horsewomen, all that stuff. From my understanding, what I heard, he kind of said something to Vince [McMahon] to the effect of, ‘Vince, if you look at the Royal Rumble tomorrow, you have Edge winning and Charlotte winning. We’re not making any new stars’ and I think that really resonated and Bianca was on such a roll where it kind of made sense and she also had to, again, right after that match, really nail that post-match promo and she did it and she was just awesome and great.”

Bianca Belair has a title defense at this Saturday’s Royal Rumble event against Alexa Bliss taking place in San Antonio Texas.


AUTHOR: Jai Timms

Photo Credit: WWE

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