WWE Shows Continued Interest in Two Prominent Free Agents

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE’s interest in signing Richard Holliday and Tama Tonga, both highly sought-after free agents, continues to persist.

The story of Holliday overcoming cancer has caught WWE’s attention, and recent discussions within the company have revolved around the possibility of signing him. Holliday is scheduled to make his in-ring return on June 10 for the PAPW promotion in Woodbridge, CT, adding to the intrigue surrounding his future.

As for Tama Tonga, WWE has been expressing interest in acquiring his services for several months now, dating back to at least January. The level of interest has been substantial, leading to some preliminary creative ideas being pitched for his potential debut. Tonga has been actively working for NJPW despite not having an official contract.

It remains to be seen how these negotiations will unfold, but it’s evident that WWE views both Holliday and Tonga as valuable assets worth pursuing. Wrestling fans will undoubtedly keep a close eye on any developments regarding their potential signings.

Photo Credit: WWE

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